Health Fairs USA flawlessly executed our health and wellness program with a professional and courteous staff. I was very impressed at the high quality of care and state-of-the-art equipment they used to perform tests! Many times people feel alone in their goal for a healthier lifestyle, but Health Fairs USA partners with you to make sure you achieve your goals. I highly recommend this approach and Health Fairs USA for any business. Excellent Experience overall! – Bethany Pressley, Wells. Fargo Corporate Affairs Coordinator, Atlanta, Georgia


What a rewarding opportunity to not only build rapport with co-workers but also an excellent opportunity to educate them on wellness and provide information on improving their health. The program was well organized, comprehensive and fun for everyone. It is nice to think your efforts may have enlightened someone to seek a higher level of wellness. – J. Hammond, Silver Pop


My name is Sean Newton I am the Human Resources Director based in the Sugar Land, Texas Coca Cola Office. Health Fairs USA hosted a health fair for my company on October 1, 2014, and it was great! Our employees are still coming up to me to tell me how informative it was and how thrilled with what was offered at the fair and truly appreciate the opportunity to become more aware of their health and well being. Thanks for coming through with the airborne allergy testing, BMI testing, Bone Density testing, and Pain Management. I would confidently recommend Health Fairs USA to any company looking to boost employee morale and create a healthier work environment.- Sean D. Newton, Coca Cola